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Looking for Sunbrella Replacement Cushions? Let us help you invest in quality outdoor cushions for any outdoor furniture. Our custom cushions are made to your specifications and fabricated with the highest quality standards in the market. We help you invest in low cost patio cushions you will love and enjoy for summers to come. We display our patio chair cushions with pride and our reputation goes with it. We love making outdoor patio cushions and we do them right. “Just wait until you get your hands on your new outdoor furniture cushions. Once you get a feel for them, you’ll make your patio space your new favorite place to sit and enjoy a nice BBQ with your family and don’t forget the glass of wine.” What you need to know before ordering Sunbrella Replacement Cushions.

First things first choose a Sunbrella Fabric.

The most important part of your sunbrella replacement cushions is your choice of fabric. Your outdoor cushion cover is the most visible part of your cushion so take your time to choose the one you love most. Sunbrella performance outdoor fabrics offer over 100 fabric options to choose for your sunbrella replacement cushions. We offer sunbrella fabric swatches upon request so you can get an exact idea of the outdoor cushion cover you will be investing in. Sunbrella is the leading brand in outdoor performance fabrics with a remarkable 5 year warranty. Its high resistance to water fade and mildew makes sunbrella fabrics ideal for all your outdoor cushion projects. There is no such thing as knock off sunbrella fabrics. Why? Because no knock of brand could offer a 5 year warranty like sunbrella does to all their fabrics.

Second but no less important is Dimensions/Measurements.

Getting the proper dimensions is a very crucial part since this will determine if you cushions will fit properly or not.The three most important measurements when it comes to ordering new Sunberlla replacement cushions are Width, Depth/Height and Thickness. Having this three simple measurements can ease the pricing process.If you need help and are not sure how to collect the right measurements of your furniture please follow our Measuring Guide.

Identify Your Cushion Style

Knowing your desired Cushion style can help you start your order online much easier.

Boxed Style

The most neat Cushion style is Boxed Style. It consists of a top and bottom panels put together with side,front and rear panels to make a more tailored rectangular shape.

Bullnose Cushion

This is a more modern cushion style. Its made up of one full piece to cover top, front, and bottom of your cushion, then assembled with side and rear panels. This gives a smoother look to the front of your cushion and removes all front seams that a boxed cushion would have. Also known as Waterfall.

Single Seam

This style is the most traditonal style in the market has been around for years. This style on has a bottom and top panel sewn together giving your cushions on single seam all around the sides. This style is typical for throw pillows and back cushions by adding features like pleated corners.

Choosing Fill Options

All Sunbrella replacement cushions are done with your choice of cushion fill. Most cost efficient is standard polyurethane foam which is traditional foam found in most indoor furniture cushions. Has a higher water absorbency rate, we recommend placing cushions in a dry area when exposed to prolonged water exposure.

Most Ideal fill for outdoor seat cushions is Fast-Dry Foam also know as reticulated foam. It is an open cell foam that allows water to drain right through. Ideal for cushions where outdoor cushions will be exposed to water for a prolonged periods of time. Most expensive fill available.

Polyester fiber fills: Dacron wrap is used on all foam cushions it gives it a more comforting look and fell. Loose Fiber used for back cushions for pillow like feel ideal to rest your back after a long day at the office.

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