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Sunbrella Rain Cushions

Waterproof Performance Fabrics

What are Sunbrella Rain Fabrics?

Introduced by Sunbrella in 2016 as a solution for full moisture protection for the most outdoor time for cushions. Its Quick-dry barrier and the proper use of aqua seal thread will keep you cushions fill about 90% drier than with the use of ordinary sunbrella fabrics. This will let you go out and enjoy your outdoor space just a few minutes after the rain has left.

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Our Expertise

Sunbrella Rain Cushions are not your ordinary Sunbrella Replacement Cushions. This require the work of expert hands you see, The fabric itself does not make your cusihons 90% waterproof but the whole production process does. In order to make a proper sunbrella rain cushions. We must use Aqua Seal thread which swells when exposed to rain or water this helps seal the stitching punctures so rain and water do not go right through. A special zipper with venting properties is added to allow your cushions to vent and dry properly. We recommend to make sure you cushions dry properly after a heavy rain if too much humidity is left in your cushion this can cause mold to start building up in your cushions fill.


Waterproof fabric

Quick Drying after wiping away moisture

Best if Made in Bullnose Style

Dryfast Fill Upgrade a must

Perfect for places exposed to Heavy Rain

5 Years Farbic Warranty

30+ color options for customizing


Sunbrella fabrics are promise of quality, comfort, and peace of mind. Sunbrella offers a 5 Year limited Warranty for its upholstery fabrics covering loss of strength or color due to normal usage and exposure. Worry-Free Outdoor Living for Years of Great Memories

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