Sunbrella Rain Cushions

What make Sunbrella Rain Cushions so great?

For years Sunbrella® has made the best fabrics for outdoor replacement cushions.

Just as we thought we had seen it all. Boom! they bring us Sunbrella®Rain fabrics.

Not only are sunbrella rain fabrics suitable for outdoor use but they are also great under heavy rain exposure.

Sunbrella rain fabrics are a 100% waterproof version of your traditional sunbrella fabrics.

This reduces fabric dry time to just minutes amazing right.

Many places recommend using dry fast foam for Sunbrella® rain cushions which raises prices real high

Tho the use of dry fast foam it is the best way to make outdoor cushions.

Dry Fast foamis an open cell foam that drains water right through. Perfect where fabric is not waterproof.

We are talking about Sunbrella Rain fabrics being so great that no matter the fill used water will stay out of your cushion.

The use of Dry Fast Foam will just give you peace of mind that your cushions will be 100% dry.

Our Sunbrella Rain Cushions are made a tad bit different than regular sunbrella replacement cushions.

Since sunbrella rain fabrics have an under rubberized coating on one side of the fabric which makes is waterproof

Since coating takes breathability away from fabric we must add a breathable texture at the rear of the cushion to allow air flow.

By doings this we avoid your cushions holding air when you sit on them and taking away comfortability.

Below you can explore all the options sunbrella rain fabrics have to offer from solids, to elegant textures and stripes.

All Sunbrella Rain Cushions are sew using Aqua Seal Thread specially designed to help keep water from filtering through seams

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