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Sunbrella replacemetn cushions made in USA

Our Quality Promise to you.

As a family owned and operated business in the beautiful City of Riverside in California. We put our hard work to make our products as if they were going to be used on our own furniture. This is our family’s patrimony and we want to hand it down many generations to come. So you can be assured that we will work hard to always provide high quality Sunbrella replacement cushions. Me manufacture all our Sunbrella replacement cushions in house and don’t drop ship from a third party company. With this said by cutting of the middle man we can give you our valued customer the lowest price possible. We are where quality Sunbrella replacement cushions meet low prices not because we sale a cheap product but by manufacturing our products ourselves so we are in charge of our quality not someone else.

20+ years experience in our hands. Our sewing department is taken care of by our family’s first generation with over 30 years experience in cushion manufacturing industry. Working for some of the biggest companies in outdoor cushion manufacturing industry they have acquired the skills to put together a quality cushion in very little time. They have know what it takes to make a great cushion since they have made cushions for brands like brown Jordan, OwLee, Mallin and more.

Next up is our textile cutting department, with over 10 years in the textile cutting industry our Second and current generation has the skills needed to make the right cut once and cutting every shape used in this outdoor replacement cushion industry. From tapered cushions, rounded corner, curved cushions, L shape cushions, T shape cushions, and more. With the needed information such as dimensions our cutters can replicate and custom shaped cushions you may have.

Our quality control team is in charge of making sure your Sunbrella replacement cushions fit our quality standards before they are packed and shipped to your desired location. They eagle eye all replacement cushions to make sure there are little to now flaws with your product. Once product passes our quality control team they shrink wrap and pack your cushions for shipping. Now your new Sunbrella replacement cushions are off to be enjoyed by you our valued customer.

High Quality Materials

Best it its class Outdoor Fabrics. We emphasize in using the best quality outdoor fabrics available in the market with a brand known for its amazing limited 5 year warranty Sunbrella performance outdoor fabrics. Sunbrella Outdoor Performance fabrics are known for the outstanding quality outdoor fabrics they offer. Using these amazing fabrics to make our replacement cushions allows us to offer quality replacement outdoor cushions to all our customers. Sunbrella offers a long line of fabrics from solids, stripes, textured fabrics, floral and more designs so there’s a fabric choice for every customer’s needs and likes.

Sunbrella’s 5 year limited warranty makes it the best it its class. All fabrics are water and mildew resistant making sunbrella the best choice for outdoor use.

Resistant Fill Materials

In an effort to bring quality materials we have choose fill materials compared to those used by high end brands like Brown Jordan Replacement cushions, Owlee Replacement Cushions, Mallin Replacement Cushions, Hanamint Replacement cushions, Castelle Replacement cushions and many more.

The standard polyurethane foam we use is used by major brands as their standard fill for most of their collections.

DryFast is a great alternative for places where rain is constant, all though we always recommend putting your cushions in a dry place during rainy weather this in an effort to prolong the lifespan of your cushions.

Loose Polyester fiber fill is used for all our back cushions this is to provide comfort and support all in one. We do not recommend foam for back fill unless it’s a chaise lounge cushions. Reason for that is that foam is nice and firm to provide support when sat on but if used for back can fill quite stiff with no give in for comfort.

Attention: Foam goes through a discoloration process when exposed to some elements such as heat, sun, etc … this discoloration turns your foam yellow this does not mean its old or used it’s just a process that happens when foam is exposed to different elements


Using the right thread is important you see many places offer nylon thread for their cushions though this is not the correct threat to use since nylon is not intended for outdoor use. We have selected quality Polyester bonded UV treated thread. You see polyester bonded thread is one of the strongest threads in the market. Plus its UV treatment makes it ideal thread for outdoor use without breaking the bank.

Many places off Gore thread this is a best option available but is it worth the cost. While gore thread offers a lifetime warranty many places only offer a 6month to 1yr warranty on their finished products when polyester bonded thread will last quite as long.

We also offer Gore thread option for customers who are willing to spend the extra bucks to get a bit more assurance on durability on their cushions, email us to for a free quote.

We offer a 2 year warranty on cushion assembly if cushions where to be falling apart at seams just email us pictures once approved you can ship them to us and we will repair this or in some cases even replace with new products.


Due to the nature of our products which are fully custom we have a few ways to package cushions.

Boxes: when cushions meet our standard stocked box size we will ship them in a box.

Thick Plastic Casing: in some cases our products are shrink wrapped for protection and then enclosed in an 8mil plastic casing durable for handling during shipping.

On large orders cushions will be out in a pallet shrink wrapped for protection during travel.

Our packaging team will choose the best option for your products.

We make every effort to offer one of the best qualities in the market. Makes it hard since we don’t have the same perspective of quality some set the bar to high but we promise we make every effort to stay up to our quality standard on all our sunbrella replacement cushions.

If you have any question please feel free to ask before ordering to make sure you are happy with ordering.

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Custom Sunbrella Cushions

2 year Limited Warranty*

CushionKings offers a 2yr Limited Warranty that covers your new sunbrella cushions that covers your new cushions seams, which is any issues causing seams to tear or come apart due to thread issues or assembly issues.

Sunbrella also offers a 5 year warranty on all of their outdoor performance fabrics against fade and mildew.

Our Sunbrella replacement cushions are built last 5 to 10 years with proper care and maintainance.

*cushion seams and assembly