Quality Standards:

Specialized in Sunbrella Replacement Cushions for outdoor furniture.

Our Sunbrella Cushion Replacements are made with the highest-quality standards.


Made with the best Sunbrella® outdoor performance fabrics. (click here to see all your fabric options)

Sunbrella® outdoor fabrics are the most exceptional performance fabrics in the market.

With a lifespan that can go over 5 years under any weather condition.

These outdoor fabrics are not your traditional outdoor polyester fabrics.

No, sir Sunbrella fabrics are solution-dyed acrylic fabrics.

This means that its color will not fade under the blazing sun.

With an amazing 5-year limited warranty that protects fabrics from becoming unserviceable due to color or strength loss from normal usage and exposure conditions, including sunlight, mildew, and atmospheric chemicals.

This is why we only use Sunbrella® for all our sunbrella cushion replacements.


Our experienced textile cutters have over 10 years in the sunbrella replacement cushion industry.

Their hands are known for cutting some of the most complex shapes and designs know in this industry.

They measure twice to cut once, cutting is not just a job for them is an artistic way of showing their knowledge on cutting textiles.

They pay attention to every single detail from lines on fabric to geometric designs.

Some of which a computerized cutting system cannot.

They match every line on your seat cushions as well as on your back cushions as well as geometric designs.

We put your sunbrella replacement cushions in hands of real experts that love doing what they do best cut.


Our highly qualified seamstresses have over 20 years in cushion sewing experience.

All this experience has been acquired by working for some of the best companies in the outdoor cushions industry.

They know how to put together any cushion shape or form.

What better way to complement their great talent than with great sewing supplies.

With modern computerized sewing machines, they can control every single stitch they make.

Also, our high-quality sewing thread made to withstand any outdoor condition.

This means your cushions will stick together for years to come.

Other online replacement cushions retailers offer Tenara Gore thread as great as it is they outbid it at high costs when they only offer a 6-month warranty. 

So no point in paying for extra for a thread that can outlive the fabric itself if you still only get protection for 6-months.

We do offer Tenara Gore Thread upon customers request and not at outrageous prices as other cushion retailers.

Foam and fiber

Our foam inserts are cut by experts in foam handling.

We offer two types of foam which are:

Polyurethane Foam:

This is the most common foam fill found in indoor cushions.

We offer a medium-firm polyurethane foam on all our sunbrella replacement cushions as a standard on seats.

This type of foam has a high water absorbency rate which may not be the best option if you like leaving your cushions out when it rains.

But if your outdoor furniture is under your porch or a gazeebo this is a great foam since it is more economical than fast dry foam.

Fast Dry Foam:

This type of foam is ideal for outdoor replacement cushions.

Its open-cell technology allows water to drain right through making its drying time almost instantly.

This foam adds a cost to your cushions of almost 50%.

But from our point of view, it is 100% worth it if your cushions are under prolonged water exposure.

This foam a bit more rigid than standard polyurethane foam.

Polyester Fiber Fill

This fill is used as a standard for all our back cushions on our sunbrella cushion replacements.

Since this fill is made of polyester it won't retain water for a long time.

Plus since its sat in upright position water will drain out rapidly but still recommended to put in a dry place in heavy rain.

This type of fill has support and it pillow-like effect hugs your back letting you rest comfortably. 

This fill is used on most high-end cushions for brands like Brown Jordan, Mallin, OW LEE, Hanamint, Tropitone, Lloyd Flanders and many more. 

Our custom sunbrella replacement cushions let you decide on which fill you want to use for your new sunbrella cushion replacements.

How can we guarantee quality?

Easy, we manufacture our cushions ourselves and don't drop ship from a 3rd party cushion manufacturer.

Every cushion ordered by us is made by us and no one else.

Our quality control team is in charge of making sure very cushion meets our high-quality standards.

They inspect every detail on every cushion before it is packed and shipped to your home where you will enjoy them years to come.