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What you need to know before ordering your new Sunbrella Replacement Cushions.

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Cushion Fill

Choosing the right foam can be an important option when it comes to choosing the right foam for your new Sunbrella replacement cushions. There are many of opinions online on selecting the right foam fill for your new outdoor replacement cushions but do you know which one is right for you. Let us help you better understand the pros and cons of using either Standard Polyurethane foam or DryFast Open Cell Foam..

Standard Polyurethane Foam

This type of foam is commonly found in most indoor furniture. The foam we offer a is medium firm foam. We have gone through a process of elimination and found that the current firmness is what fits with most customers likes. In order to eliminate inventory expenses we opted to only offer this medium firm foam fill. This firmness is also known as an HR-36 in this industry commonly used by many outdoor furniture companies. Pros of using Standard Polyurethane foam

- Economical

- Better Memory (Meaning cushion will always return to its original shape)

- Softer Feel

- Great Durability

Cons of using Standard Polyurethane foam

- High Water Absorbency

- Slower Dry Time after heavy exposure to rain or water.

Recommendation: If your furniture is under a protected area such as a porch, gazebo, Patio Den, or any place where cushions will not be exposed to water or rain than this is the best option for you and it saves you quite a lot of money.

DryFast Foam

This type of foam is designed with an open cell technology that allows water to drain right through your cushion and allow constant air flow throughout the foam core to drastically decrease dry times compared to standard polyurethane foam.

Pros of using DryFast Foam

- Low Water Absorbency

- Faster drying times when exposed to rain or heavy water exposure.

Cons of using Dryfast Foam - Elevated Pricing

- Low Memory (due to open cell tech this foam has minimal memory which can affect life span of cushion)

- Rigid Fill not quite as soft as standard polyurethane foam

- Great Durability.

Recommendation: If you live in an area where you get heavy rains or extreme water exposure then this may be the best option for you as long as the pros and cons work for you. If you are a responsible customer that likes to put their cushions in a safe place when it rains then avoiding this option can be good and saves you a lot of money. Keep in mind all Sunbrella Fabrics are Water resistant Not Waterproof this means that if it rains this give you enough time to walk out and put your cushions in a dry place since water will not penetrate fabric right away.

Back Fiber Fill

We use loose Polyester fiber for our back cushions when selected by customer in exception of our chaise cushions this are made with same foam fill as seats. Loose Polyester fiber fill offers comfort when it comes to resting your back after a long day at work. Due to polyesters low water absorbency and water wicking abilities this fill options also has lower drying time compared to standard polyurethane foam.

Fill Warranty

We cannot offer a warranty on our cushions fill for the reason that many things are in effect when it comes to a cushions holding its shape. Example the same cushion being used by a person weighting 135lbs will hold up longer than the same cushion being used by a person weighting 230lb. Also the care you apply to your cushions like keeping them in a dry place when strong weather conditions like heavy water then sun exposure take a toll on the longevity of your Sunbrella replacement cushion’s fill. Though materials are tested under UV rays its known that the sun’s rays are getting stronger every year something that is not in our control.


Piping is type of cushion trim option that adds a 5/16s piping all around your cushions top and bottoms seams. This is more of an extra feature based on customers desire. A con for choosing the piping feature is that it serves as a water trap incase of some rain and also tends to aquire lots of dust. So regualar cleaning will be required.

Loop Ties

This is a tie down system added to your cushions at your will. This help tie down your new sunbrella replacement cushions to your furniture to make sure they do not fly around or move about of place in windy weather or while in use. Some furniture may not require the Loop Tie system since they wont have anywhere to tie cushions down too. Our loop tie system also helps make our products reversible to be able to use on both sides and prolong the life of your cushions.

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